Thursday, August 23, 2012

Buttermilk Basin Trunk Show
Stacy West, creative genius of Buttermilk Basin has loaned us several of her great samples for display.  She has a way with wool and fiber that is fun and appealing.  Right now she is out in Reardon, Washington, teaching classes to some lucky folks at Buggy Barn.  How cool is that?!  MN girl gone big-time!

The 3 smaller pieces arranged on the left are part of a 12 month collection of patterns, each featuring a quilt block plus a themed wool applique.  Each one is cuter than the last!
Here are some more examples of the opportunities that she has created for you to add a little bit of folk art whimsy to your collection:

Woolen Pincushions Through the Year
Wool & Needle Block of the Month
Patchwork Pillow Thru the Year
We have many of Stacy's patterns and can order any that you might request.  We will help you with your questions about wool applique, plus we will have a class offering this fall if you are a newcomer to this art.  We have a good selection of many colors of hand-dyed wool, plus wool felt bolts and squares.  If the embroidery stitches are a puzzle to you, we have plenty of helpful tips and even an upcoming class for beginning embroidery, too!  A recent shopper at Bear Patch was so smitten with the Buttermilk Basin designs that she had a trunkful of the trunk show when she left! She shall remain nameless, but her initials are AB, and when I saw her last Tuesday she was stitchin' on some wool.  And that's why our Bear Patch customers are the best!

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