Friday, November 18, 2011


We love to try new products so we can honestly tell you, our customer, what our experience is. We have a new laundry soap from Mary Ellen's Products on the shelf -- Best Wash for Precious Fabrics. We have loved using their Best Press for our pressing and ironing. So we sent Debbie home on a mission to test it out in her own washing machine. When we had performed the sniff test it seemed like a very concentrated lavender scent, and we were leery that it would be too scented for the wash. But Debbie came back with the proof that it only left a faint scent on the clothing that was washed. The information below is from the product website:

Mary Ellen's Best Wash is the safest stain removing laundry detergent! Best Wash is a tested formula that has been proven to be the safest cleaner and stain remover in the textile industry.

  • Neutral pH
  • No bleach, caustics or phosphates
  • Low-sudsing
  • Safe for virtually every fabric

This high efficiency laundry detergent and safe stain remover removes ink, food, blood, grease, and most mystery stains.

  • Use a capful for hand washing
  • 2 ounces for all washing machines

Debbie used it on her sheets and liked the results. She did use slightly less than the 2 oz. recommended, she felt that was adequate. It retails for $13.99 for the 16 oz. container. You might want to try it out on some of your delicate or precious fabric. But then, isn't it all precious?

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