Friday, October 28, 2011

On Assignment

We covered some miles yesterday, traveling to Houston for the International Quilt Market. We are here to search for the best of the best to bring back to Bear Patch.

Of course, the travel time was put to good use with some easy knitting!
A little baby hat!

We had a stop-over in Denver, here is proof!

Now wandering the halls of the convention center--
we spent all day attending "Schoolhouse", which is a whole roster of 15-30 minute sessions to inform quilt shop owners about new ideas and products. This evening we attended a Bernina reception, and caught up with some familiar faces. Then it was time to work our way through a big crowd attending "Sample Spree", which is sort of like a preview of the official Market with a chance to purchase single items on the spot instead of ordering larger amounts for the store. Debbie was tempted by these bundles from AdornIt. I was supposed to be her conscience, but I'm not so sure she should have assigned that job to me after the appetizers and wine!

A couple of goodies that we will be bringing back to Bear Patch--

These cute little pattern booklets from Liberty Homestead, each contains a quilt pattern and a smaller bonus project.

And Kristina will love these new wool designs, especially since she won't have to stitch up the samples! They are from Plays With Wool Designs.

We have enjoyed meeting up with some friends and favorite designers--Kaye England, Alex Anderson, Barri Gaudet, Anna Griffin--and who knows what tomorrow will bring! It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

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