Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A New Product

Heat Press Batting Together
We are always watching for new ideas and products to bring to our customers, and this one came to our attention recently. With the trend to use up stash fabric, now you can easily do the same with your batting.

A great idea developed and packaged for the quilter who has assorted pieces of leftover batting just gathering dust on the shelf. This works on little pieces or large chunks. I have tried it and found no problems with it, in fact, I could not tell where it was applied after I did my quilting. A couple of pictures to show you how
it works, although it is pretty basic and there is a video on the company's website.

I cut the batting edges nice and straight with a rotary cutter first. The picture above shows the 2 pieces on the ironing board with the strip of tape.
Then I aligned the batting edges, centered the tape on top, and ironed with an up-and-down motion thoroughly. I let it cool before moving it, and there are no gaps or slips.

The package says it can be used with either cotton or poly batting, I have only used it on cotton so far. The package retails for $7.99 and contains 10 yards of tape, enough to do a few large quilts and many small ones. So much better than trying to baste the edges of batting together if you want to be thrifty and use up what you have. Pick up a package and try it out!

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