Monday, February 7, 2011

Got Starch?

Yes, we do, but this is not your grandmother's starch! This is "The Clear Starch Alternative" from Mary Ellen's. We love, love, love our Best Press, in fact, we go through buckets of it! We always have some handy during our classes so everyone can share in the love. And one great way for you to try some of the scents is with these cute little guys--a 6 ounce spray bottle for just $3.95 each. If you pre-wash your fabrics, you will notice that they come out of the dryer with a much different "hand" minus the products used in the factory to get that nice crisp finish and colorfastness. But some of us like a little bit of crispness in our fabrics when we are stitching pieces together, and pre-pressing with the help of Best Press is an excellent option. Available in larger spray bottles and refill bottles, too! Try it, you just might like it!

And what could be better for Valentine's Day than a bundle of Love Nest by Northcott?! These cute coordinates of little birds and hearts are just what you need, and there is still time before the 14th to make a little gift for someone special.

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