Friday, September 24, 2010

We are Groovy Girls!!

Groovy Girls Shannon, Gloria and Diane

Samples of the club's project

Today is the kick-off for our Groovy Girls Club--and these ladies are definitely in the groove with their special edition Cash & Carry bags! These are just some of the grooviest gals at Bear Patch today! They had a lot of fun in our morning class, learning how to neatly and easily insert a zipper into these tidy little totes. I use one for my camera and its download cord, it is just the right size.

Groovy Girl Suzanne

Groovy Girl Sherry

Don't worry, you, too, can be a Groovy Girl! We have Friday evening and Sunday afternoon openings in this once-a-month club. The first 6 months is covered in the $36 registration fee, and there are treats involved! The projects are all designed by Terry Atkinson, so you know they will be good! Call 651-429-1039 to reserve your spot!

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