Sunday, June 15, 2008

Loose Threads

Have you missed us?  Need a little quilting boost?  Fridays are your perfect opportunity to join us for some fun--just look at these happy people and you will be here next week for sure!  Loose Threads is our open sew day--no fee, no reservation, no guarantee you will get anything done other than soak up the fiber goodness all around!  This lovely little group actually accomplished quite a lot--although you can see Emily's overflowing bag of doll quilts to be bound didn't quite hit bottom yet!  She patiently stitched the bindings while solving all the world's problems, and will be sending the 100+ quiltlets to a group that refurbishes dolls for needy children.  Much fun and laughter was had by all, and there is room for more.  So can we count on you next Friday?

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